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Material TÅT specializes in positive disruptive innovation.

A disruptive innovation 'improves a product or service in ways that the market [or society] does not expect'.

Core competence 1 is revealing hidden needs.

Needs are hidden by 'dissociative structures' (blind spots, tunnel vision, bias, jargon etc).
Dissociative structures are inert by nature.

Core competence 2 is turning hidden needs into succesful design.
Product design, service design, social design, organizational design and high level strategy/policy design.

Design based on hidden needs transforms its market, organisation or society.
It puts dissociative structures out of play.

Core competence 3 is design management: co-operating with clients and their R&D partners. Clients include:
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Contact: info@materialtat.com • PO box 1252 • NL-1000 BG Amsterdam • the Netherlands